Are the Symptoms of Diabetes Different For Adults?

The symptoms of diabetes are similar in children and adults. The symptoms in both often go unnoticed. The different types of Diabetes are Type 1, an autoimmune disease, and Type 2, caused by insulin resistance. Type 1 diabetes usually develops in children and Type 2 in adults. However, the recent rise in obesity in children is making Type 2 a more common problem. Both types of diabetes have the same symptoms even though the cause is different.

The most noticeable symptoms of Diabetes in both children and adults are increased thirst, frequent urination, increased hunger, and fatigue. These symptoms are easily attributed to other causes, which is why people sometimes go undiagnosed. The increase in thirst and urination are caused by excess sugar in the blood stream. To counter the high blood sugar, the body pulls fluid from the tissues, resulting in thirst. Frequent urination results from the diabetic drinking more fluids to counteract the thirst. The increase in hunger is a direct result of the body not having enough insulin available. Muscles and organs do not get enough glucose if there is not enough processed because of insulin levels and then hunger occurs. Fatigue sets in when the body is deprived of the glucose it needs for energy. Other symptoms one should be aware of are blurred vision, decreased healing capability, and patches of darker colored skin.

Type 1 Diabetes will require treatment with insulin and the close supervision of a doctor. Type 2 Diabetes can often be managed, and prevented, with appropriate diet and exercise. People at risk for Diabetes or that develop any of the symptoms at any age, should seek out a medical diagnosis and treatment.

Source by Carlos Molina